Date of Last Revision Feb 05, 2016 

​AAA aviation Flight Academy provides training in commercial pilot program and is committed to provide quality training. During program duration, if a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide filled withdrawn form along with related supporting documents to the CEO, AAA Aviation Flight Academy. Refunds are calculated according to AAA Aviation Flight Academy’s Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal i.e. withdrawal form is received will be used to determine any refund owing. 


An international student whose application for a study permit has been denied is entitled to a refund under PCTIA Bylaw 38.3, if a copy of the denial letter is provided to AAA Aviation Flight Academy prior to the program start date. 


Students may wish to discontinue their programs for personal reasons, and withdraw from their program.  The procedure for withdrawing a student depends on the reason for the withdrawal.  Withdrawal may be processed for one of the following reasons.

a. Withdrawals

A student wishing to withdraw from AAA Aviation Flight Academy must notify the Senior Educational Administrator in writing in order to obtain the approval of the Chief Executive Officer by filling withdrawn form.
A student who does not request to withdraw will be liable for all assessed fees until such procedures are completed.  Retroactive withdrawal requests will not be approved by the Chief Executive Officer unless the Senior Educational Administrator confirms in writing that the student did not attend or use any institute resources as of the requested effective date of withdrawal.  The academic record will indicate "Withdrawal".

b. Withdrawal for Non-Registration

Failure to complete registration may result in the student being asked to formally withdraw from the program. The Senior Educational Administrator must first make reasonable attempts to contact the student by e-mail, telephone and regular mail.  If there is no response after repeated attempts, the Senior Educational Administrator may recommend that the student be withdrawn.  The Senior Educational Administrator must submit copies of the written attempts to contact the student and a memo confirming the non-registration and non-attendance of the student to the Chief Executive Officer.

The academic record will indicate "Withdrawn - Did Not Register".
Forms to be filled in order to get withdrawal  : Withdrawal Form

Form to be submitted  : SEA/CEO of AAA Aviation Flight Academy
Supporting documents : Attach all based on request along with fee receipts