“DESIGNATED B.C. PRIVATE TRAINING INSTITUTIONS BRANCH & Shield Design mark is a certification mark owned by the Government of British Columbia and used under license.”


A Pilot with a Private Pilot License.

• Holder of a category 1 or 3 medical certificate after a medical examination by Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner not restricted to day time flights only.

TRAINING REQUIRED The training required for a Night Rating in Canada must consist of 20 hours of flight time with a minimum of: 10 hours of night flight time (non-instrument time) which will include;

• 5 hours of dual including a minimum of 2 hours cross-country.

• 5 hours of solo including 10 take-offs, circuits and landings 10 hours of dual instrument time, 5 of which may be accomplished in a simulator

** A licensed Private Pilot would already have 5 hours of dual instrument time. A minimum of 5 more hours would meet the requirements of 10 hours total. Providing the required level of skill and knowledge has been achieved, no flight test or written examination is required.